3 reasons to enjoy the weekend

Posted on March 25, 2006 – 00:00

It's the weekend and if you want some good games to play let me throw four of my favorite games that I am playing on my Trrrrrrreo at the moment. Let's get started,in no particular order.

1/ Lexmee - Fun,fun,fun. "Lexmee™ is an amazingly challenging and extremely fun word search game for both seasoned wordsmiths and novice word gamers alike. It's extremely simple to play. Simply drag your stylus across adjacent letters and you're on your way to "Undiluted Lexical Bliss." Its highly configurable game play ensures a challenge every time. But,be prepared to spend countless hours hunting for words!"

And we are offering discount on this game at the moment.$2.00 off the excellent word game Lexmee. Use discount code LexmeeAddict at checkout.

2/ WordPop - the game that you can play wherever and whenever,it has been a firm favorite of mine on both my Tungsten C and Treo 650. Clear the board by creating words! As you pop each word from the board,there are fewer and fewer letters left.Plan ahead to win the round and the game.

Palm Addict users can save 15% off of Smart Box Design games by using the coupon SBDPA15 at the Palm Addict Software Store.

3/ Pyramid Solitaire is a firm favorite of mine. It had me hooked and1999 when I first loaded it onto my 3x it has stayed on whatever Palm device I have been using. Pyramid Solitaire has become the most popular Seahorse Software game ever. It is highly addictive,and has only one warning: beware of wearing down your screen from playing too much!

It's a free game hoorah we like free games.

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2008-08-18 13:41:41 by ravenze

You can join the Major and I in the Bowerstone soup line if you wish, or you can try to beat the table odds and give your player character the financial head start he or she deserves.
Just like Vegas, if you come to a table knowing your odds, you stand a better chance of beating them.
Here's how.
This page is a wiki. We're not mathematicians. If you spot an error, want to elabo...ame is played row-by-row. A row is dealt. The face value of the cards determines the amount of gold you can take away if you take the dealer's "offer." A card is added to each row, so the odds of losing go up as you gain the odds of winning more.
The Knight cards protect your row from Misfortune. It's pretty much all there is to them. You want them. You like them. Knight cards equal money.

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  • Avatar The beatles What cool games could I download or buy in the AppStore of the iPad/iPhone?
    Mar 24, 2013 by The beatles | Posted in Video & Online Games

    I want to know what games are the coolest and funniest because I will play in the airplane so I don't get bored.

    • You should try Temple Run 2 for your iPad/iPhone. It is so interesting and so much of fun to play.

  • Avatar ree272005 I am looking for a card game where you have to make pairs that equal eleven to play online?
    Apr 07, 2006 by ree272005 | Posted in Card Games

    I think the name of the game is eleven up.

    • Nowhere