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Posted on July 21, 2013 – 06:22 am

Giza solitaire

Title: Giza solitaire
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Description: Can you solve this extremely difficult classic solitaire game?
Instructions: Combine 2 cards that in total have 13 in value and try to remove all cards to solve the game. A King is 13 points worth and can be removed as 1 card, a Queen is 12 points, a Jack is 11 points, an Ace is 1 point and the rest is worth their face value.
Controls: fire = left_mouse; jump = na; movement = mouse;
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2008-08-18 13:41:41 by ravenze

You can join the Major and I in the Bowerstone soup line if you wish, or you can try to beat the table odds and give your player character the financial head start he or she deserves.
Just like Vegas, if you come to a table knowing your odds, you stand a better chance of beating them.
Here's how.
This page is a wiki. We're not mathematicians. If you spot an error, want to elabo...ame is played row-by-row. A row is dealt. The face value of the cards determines the amount of gold you can take away if you take the dealer's "offer." A card is added to each row, so the odds of losing go up as you gain the odds of winning more.
The Knight cards protect your row from Misfortune. It's pretty much all there is to them. You want them. You like them. Knight cards equal money.

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